Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time on my hands

Just like the title says I have a lot of time on my hands.
As of right now, I'm currently in my hometown San Diego, Ca, I'm from the bay area, & have decided to come down to visit & check out the scene again after 7 years, it's a coincidence that I am also here to spend time with my boyfriend who is stationed in San Diego as well, he is currently in the military, and as of now he is @ work, so pretty much I'm here playing house, just relaxing & waiting for my soap opera to start @ 3 & after that, my day begins LOL!! I've been here since the 22nd of Feb. & will be returning back home on friday, & he will be coming back with me too for the weekend YAY!!!
Since I've been here he has taken me to a whole lot of places, it's crazy!! He took a week off of work to be my tour guide, so sweet right?!? & he did such a great job.I know for sure I'll have withdrawals & miss the bf a whole lot, being in a long distance relationship is tough, but I tell myself time and time again, if your love's strong enough for each other the distance shouldn't matter.

Here's a pic of the city of SD, stay tuned for more...